EXHIBITION : Reetiyon Se Kalakritiyon ka Safar

An exhibition featuring folk and tribal contemporary and traditional art works that push the envelope on our understanding of art.

‘Reetiyon se Kalakritiyon ka Safar’, a month-long exhibition curated by National Crafts Museum and Hastkala Academy in collaboration with Odi Art centre, Odhisa of 125 paintings, got off to a start on August 18, 2021.
Shri Upendra Prasad Singh, Secretary, Ministry of textiles, inaugurated the exhibition. The exhibition was attended by honorary guests such as Shri Shantmanu (Development Commissioner, Handicrafts), Shri Arun Kumar Yadav (Director, Handicrafts). The ribbon-cutting ceremony that marked the official opening of the newly-curated exhibition was followed by lighting of lamp by the honorary guests and a symbol of Swasthik was painted by Shri Upendra Prasad Singh. The opening also included a tour of the Exhibition, exploring the impeccable art works and their significance.
Speaking on the occasion, Secretary of Ministry of Textiles said that such exhibitions encourage the artists and enable the art lovers to view and enjoy various forms of art at one place.

The exhibition is exclusively devoted to magnificent artworks of National and International artists. The exquisite artworks of three Padma Shri awardee artists, Shri Jivya Soma Mashe, Shri Jangarh Singh Shyama and Shrimati Ganga Devi are on display. The light is shed on various folk and tribal art from across the world, the art-works included in the exhibition show the versatility of folk and contemporary paintings and all the strokes reflect the characteristics of the individual artist’s technique.
Apart from that, the exhibition displays different contemporary art works from Chilika Art Sanctuary. Folk paintings from other South Asian countries are on display to underline the importance of art in transcending National boundaries to create unity in diversity.