Metal Forms

Bidriware. Gold and silver inlay on alloy zinc, copper, in bidri technique; 31 cm x 24 cm; 18-cm x 14 cm; 17 cm x 16 cm. Deccan. c. late 18th century. 7/245; 7/571; 7/3786.

This spouted vessel or aftaba is executed in extremely fine gold and silver wire inlay in floral stemmed patterns bound within wavy cones. The steepled casket, a paandaan or betel container with latch, is embellished with single floral butas or motifs within a latticed or jali framework. The inverted bell-shaped hukka or pipe base is executed in the Iteh-nishanI (sheet inlay) and tarkasi (wire inlay) techniques using pure gold.

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