Grain Baskets

Grain Baskets
Basketry and Matting

Grain Baskets. Split cane and bamboo; 62 cm x 30 cm; 20 cm x 18 cm. Arunachal Pradesh. c. mid 20th century. 86/6988; VC/235.

The Nishi tribe have a distinctive carrying basket hung across the back with a head strap made of braided split cane. The baskets are primarily used to transport grain from the fields and therefore have a tight or “closed” weave structure. The conical shape with a slight bulge below the rim is characteristic of the baskets of the tribe.1 The seed basket of the Adi Gallongs of Arunachal, also known as the kyayong2 is somewhat different. Its long straps are easily strung across the shoulders. The rectangular base and oval rim give the basket the shape of a container rather than a carrying basket. It is also used as a grain measure in addition to transporting grain from the fields.

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