Metal Forms

Radha, God Krishna’s consort. Bronze; 51 cm x 23 cm. Orissa, c. 18th century. 82/6507.

Krishna, one of the incarnations of Vishnu, is described in mythology as a many-faceted god, a “divine and lovable infant, mischievous shepherd boy; lover of all the milkmaids in the herders’ camp, husband of innumerable goddesses .., yet devoted to Radha alone in mystic union”.1 His beloved Radha’s devotion for him has been immortalised as the symbol of spiritual love.

In this image, a scantily clad Radha is shown beckoning her Lord Krishna by a graceful gesture of the right hand. Standing in the classical tribhanga posture, where the delicate tilt of the head, waist and knee conform to the traditional Indian ideal of beauty, the bronze figure truly captures the adoration of Radha for Krishna.

1. Kosambi, 1972, p.114

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