Museum Collection

Museum has a diverse and rare range of exquisite display of stone and wood carvings on the doors, windows, lintels, posts of the museum building Folk and Tribal paintings are sprawled on the wall canvas in the passages.

Textiles and range of objects of Cane bamboo, Clay and terracotta Metal, Stone, Wood and much more are displayed in five galleries, three courtyards and walk through passages of folk, tribal and traditional communities of India.

Bhuta Sculpture Gallery

Bhuta Sculpture Gallery features a unique collection of sculptures of the Bhuta cult of coastal Karnataka. The Museum’s Bhuta cult collection is one of the largest in the world.

Folk & Tribal Craft Gallery

The Folk and Tribal Craft gallery displays a diverse selection of paintings, sculptures and other daily objects from the folk and tribal traditions of India.

Cultic Craft Gallery

Cultic Craft Gallery India is a secular country. This gallery features sculptures, paintings, textiles and other accessories associated with the ritual practices of various religions in India.

Court Craft Gallery

Court Craft Gallery features objects of exquisite craftsmanship and precious materials that were created for homes and palaces of the erstwhile nobility in India.

Textile Gallery

Textile Gallery hosts an extensive collection of traditional Indian textiles which covers the vast range of hand-woven an handcrafted techniques found throughout India.